Make Art That Sells

IMG_5077 copy.jpg
Created using Winsor & Newton Watercolours. They’re pricey, but the vibrancy is unmatched, and last for years.

I created this piece inspired by, an online illustration course founded by Lilla Rogers. An illustrator friend of mine has done the course, and recommended it to me when I said I was struggling knowing what to do next to try and make ends meet. The course is £120, and starts in March; I’m still weighing up if it will be a good investment. Lilla is running an Instagram contest for artwork inspired by her Monday Moments motivational blogposts, with the prize a free place on the course.


The topic for the blogpost I chose was “Rule Your Own Life”, and was about being active instead of passive, not waiting around for things to happen to you but taking action instead. The bunny pictured and his mouse friends love to read adventure stories, but were sick of waiting for portals to open, letters to arrive, and wizards to show up at their door, so they took matters into their own hands and built a flying boat with an enchanted cherry tree sail.

All links are through Amazon Affiliates program, if you buy using these exact links, I will earn 10% of the purchase. I only link products I actually use and believe in. I write this blog for free and am otherwise not associated with Amazon or any other company, and would really appreciate it if you remember to use these links if you’re getting a particular product.

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