Draw Me Madillustration!

I used Folie A Deux‘s outfit (below) and background to create this comic book inspired illustration in Sakura Micron, Copic Ciao, and coloured pencil.

Over on Instagram, I ran a requests tag for three weeks called #DrawMeMadillustration. The idea was for people to upload selfies with that tag and to include @Madillustration (my Instagram username) so that I would see it easily. I didn’t promise to draw all of them, and received more than I could create in the timespan, but I ended up with some really inspiring images to choose from. You can see more of these illustrations on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.50.03.png
The original image: this is known as Guro Lolita, a twist on the popular Japanese Fashion style depicting blood and gore themes. The empty fairground makes this so haunting!
Another favourite – The Mighty Mushroom‘s Sweet Lolita coord, created with pencil.
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